Timing Belt Service for Federal Way Honda and Acura Vehicles


If it is about timing belt services, Auburn City Impo is the expert to visit. We specialize in automotive services for Honda and Acura vehicles and have been serving Federal Way, WA since 1980 with Honda/Acura timing belt replacement for all new and old models.

By paying appropriate attention to their vehicles’ timing belts and coming to us on-schedule for Honda/Acura timing belt replacement, Federal Way drivers can be sure of pleasant and stress-free driving experiences that come from their:

  • Perfectly functioning timing belts
  • Smoothly running engines
  • Efficient and reliable Honda and Acura vehicles

With our untiring commitment to excellence and our passion for customer satisfaction, we are proud to have become one of the most trusted sources for Honda/Acura timing belt replacement in the Federal Way area.

It is important to replace timing belts in your Federal Way vehicle because of the potential damage that the engine could suffer should the belt breaks or slips during operation.

Timing belts should never be confused with drive belts. Drive belts drive vehicle components such as the water pump, air conditioning compressor and alternator. Timing belts, on the other hand, serve one crucial purpose – to sync engine operations to ensure optimal performance. It connects the lower and upper halves of the engine and keeps them running in sync with each other. The heat and stress gradually stretches the belt, causing its teeth to wear out, which can further cause the belt to slip or break altogether. When this happens, our highly trained technicians have will replace the belt quickly and efficiently in your Honda or Acura.


Federal Way Honda and Acura owners should remember that timing belt fatigue is not obvious. They must check their owner’s manual for the recommended Honda/Acura timing belt replacement interval and get the required service from us without delay.

At our family owned and managed auto repair shop, we assure our Federal Way customers of:

  • Quick Honda/Acura timing belt replacement
  • Competitively-priced Honda/Acura timing belt replacement
  • Careful and flawless Honda/Acura timing belt replacement
  • Quality Honda/Acura timing belt replacement, with top-notch OEM timing belts
  • Durable Honda/Acura timing belt replacement, giving reliable future use of timing belts
  • Hassle-free Honda/Acura timing belt replacement experience, with friendly technicians

Honda/Acura timing belt replacement is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your engine and improving the life expectancy of your vehicle. The important thing is to replace the belt before it fails completely. If not, it may cause major damage to the engine. There are some of the signs and symptoms that indicate the need to seek Honda/Acura timing belt replacement for your Federal Way vehicle.

One of the earliest signs can be squeaking sounds from the timing cover. This is the right time to get your Honda or Acura inspected by a skilled and experienced technician. If neglected, it can damage the engine of your car which can dramatically increase your repair costs. We have the experience and expertise to get the replacement job done right, the first time around, saving you time and money.


Ordinary-looking rubber timing belts are very critical automotive parts. In fact, the powerful engines that drive your Federal Way Hondas and Acuras are dependent on timing belts for their continuous and harmonized working.

It is not hard to imagine that broken timing belts can mean trouble for Federal Way vehicle owners. In most Honda and Acura vehicles, broken timing belts lead to complete engine failure. The timing or operating order of engine pistons and valves gets disturbed by breaking of timing belts, resulting in severe engine damage with:

  • Bent pistons
  • Broken valves
  • Damaged cylinder heads

We can help Federal Way drivers safeguard themselves against the unnecessary discomfort and expense brought by broken timing belts. We offer Honda/Acura timing belt replacement to change worn-out timing belts before they cause any damage.

Timing belt replacement is not a job for amateurs. It is not possible to access the belts without removing quite a few other components and accessories from the vehicle. It is also important that the replacement belt must exactly match the old one, which may require skills and knowledge. Once the belt has been replaced, it is essential to make sure the camshaft and the crankshaft are in sync.

So, if you are looking to replace timing belts in your Federal Way vehicle, let our professionals help. All of our technicians are rigorously trained, with years of experience providing Honda/Acura timing belt replacement to Federal Way residents. By utilizing cutting edge tools and techniques, we ensure the job gets done to the highest workmanship standards.

From start to finish, our clients will enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience. We believe in being honest and transparent with our customers. After thoroughly inspecting your vehicle, we will let you know what needs to be done.

Federal Way residents looking for fast and professional Honda/Acura timing belt replacement should come to Auburn City Imports.Call us at (253) 939-0437.