Timing Belt Service for Des Moines Honda and Acura Vehicles


Are you in Des Moines, WA looking for a reputable auto facility you can trust for efficient Honda/Acura timing belt replacement?Auburn City Imports is just the place for you! We have been handling the timing belts of Honda and Acura vehicles in Des Moines since 1980 and have built a reputation for superior timing belt service.

Des Moines Honda and Acura owners coming to us for Honda/Acura timing belt replacement can look forward to enjoying:

  • Services from a family owned and managed, customer-friendly auto shop
  • Attention of expert technicians, proven pros at Honda/Acura timing belt replacement
  • Prompt, effective and durable Honda/Acura timing belt replacement
  • Affordably-priced Honda/Acura timing belt replacement
  • Exceptional customer service to back top-notch work on timing belts

Honda/Acura Timing Belt Replacement for Des Moines Residents

  • Honda/Acura timing belt replacement for all new or old cars and SUVs
  • Honda/Acura timing belt replacement as a scheduled preventive maintenance service
  • Honda/Acura timing belt replacement for broken timing belts

Worn Out Timing Belts Can Damage the Engine of Your Des Moines Vehicle

Timing belts harmonize the opening and closing of engine valves with the pistons’ up and down movement. The actions are synchronized by timing belts, such that the pistons and valves never collide. However, when timing belts break, this collision happens in most Honda and Acura vehicles and damages their engines.

By ignoring their scheduled Honda/Acura timing belt replacement, Des Moines motorists take chances with their worn-out timing belts. Such indifference can cost them big by causing the timing belts to break and leading to a variety of problems, including:

  • Inconvenience due to inaccessible vehicles
  • Monetary loss due to costly engine repairs
  • Waste of time and missed work in arranging the repairs
  • Stress brought on by the entire situation

Des Moines residents should understand the importance of their timing belts and come to us for Honda/Acura timing belt replacement when it is due.

Des Moines residents in need of Honda/Acura timing belt replacement should call Auburn City Imports at (253) 939-0437.