Timing Belt Service for Burien Honda and Acura Vehicles


Auburn City Imports, located near Burien, WA, is the local solution to your timing belt service issues when they arise. Our expert team of highly-trained and experienced technicians provide Honda / Acura timing belt replacement and top-quality service for all of your Honda and Acura vehicles in the Burien area.

When you are in need of a Honda / Acura timing belt replacement, the following are some of the service options we offer to keep vehicles in Burien in good running order:

  • Honda / Acura timing belt replacement
  • Inspections for timing belts
  • Honda or Acura water pump replacement
  • Oil pump replacement
  • Honda and Acura maintenance for 90,000 – 100,000 miles

Our shop near Burien has expert Honda / Acura timing belt replacement technicians and the latest in timing belt service tools to keep your Honda and Acura vehicle in top condition.

Honda / Acura Timing Belt Replacement for Burien Residents

What are timing belts? Timing belts:

  • Control the timing of your engine valves
  • Ensure that your engine valves open and close at the right times
  • Must have a regular check-up schedule to continue working correctly

After it reaches a certain mileage, your car will need to be taken to the shop for a Honda / Acura timing belt replacement.

Problems with timing belts can be easily prevented. We are in the specialized business of performing Honda / Acura timing belt replacement and other repairs, making us a leader in the industry in the Burien area.

Worn Out Timing Belts Can Damage the Engine of Your Burien Vehicle

Timing belts come in two basic types:

  • Toothed belt - teeth are molded onto its inner surface and it is flexible
  • Camshaft timing belt - used to drive the camshaft inside an internal combustion engine

Timing belts are used inside of both Honda and Acura vehicles. As one of the greatest threats to high mileage cars, timing belt problems can contribute to high financial obligations, depending on the severity of the damage it causes when it breaks. A broken timing belt can cause:

  • Complete engine failure: the engine will suddenly stop
  • Engine component damage
  • High repair costs

The top issues that can affect timing belts are age and mileage. Keeping your timing belts in excellent condition by coming to us for Honda / Acura timing belt replacement will ensure your vehicles maintain optimal performance.

We do not use Honda or Acura aftermarket timing belts. In fact, Honda has timing belts made by chosen manufacturers for them. We purchase these same timing belts ourselves from three authorized Honda timing belt suppliers. Burien residents will only get the best parts when they come to us for Honda / Acura timing belt replacement services.

Regardless of whether or not your Honda or Acura is new or old, we can take care of your Honda / Acura timing belt replacement, and even check your oil pumps and water pumps. All of these components can or will be affected should you have problems arise from your timing belt.

Keep your engines running smoothly with a trusted leader in the Honda / Acura timing belt replacement industry. Stop in today at Auburn City Imports near Burien, and let us inspect your timing belts on your Honda and Acura vehicles.

We look forward to serving our customers in Burien with expert Honda / Acura timing belt replacement services.