Beat Murphy’s Law - End-of-Warranty Honda-Acura Check-up

Honda Acura Warranty Auburn, WA

Have you ever noticed how Murphy’s Law creeps up on you right after your warranty ends on just about everything? Well, in the case of your Honda & Acura car, most dealerships already know which repairs are going to be necessary shortly after the warranty expires. They’re like high profit time-bombs just waiting to blow. The truth is warranty repairs aren’t very profitable for dealerships. They’re just waiting for your warranty to expire so they can start charging full price with heavy mark-ups.

Auburn City Imports takes a different approach. We’re interested in long-term relationships, so you get the same attention from us no matter if your Honda & Acura is under warranty or out of warranty. We take a proactive approach to saving you money by offering our End-of-Warranty Check-up. We’ll identify small issues before they become big problems, and before your warranty ends. Then, we will write up a list of repairs to take care of, before your warranty expires, that you can take back to the dealer if you like, and save some serious money.

Of course, we hope you’ll come back after your Honda & Acura warranty has expired to save even more money and enjoy our friendly service.