Automatic and manual transmission repair

Since 1980, Auburn City Imports has been the industry leader for automatic & manual transmissions repair and maintenance for Honda cars, trucks, vans & SUV's. We are experts in maintaining your vehicle and keeping your loved ones driving safe in Maple Valley, WA.

Whether your Honda needs a transmission repair or a complete overhaul, our Honda certified and factory trained technician will take care of all your Honda vehicle needs. Auburn City Imports has built a reputation based on truth and knowledge which no other Honda auto repair facility can beat.

When you entrust your Honda Clutch Replacement or any other vehicle repair need to us, you are not only a customer to us, you are our family. Auburn City Imports performs an extensive and accurate diagnosis on your Honda vehicle free-of-cost ahead making any repair.

Honda Transmission Repair Clutch Replacement in Maple Valley, WA


If your Honda vehicle is experiencing difficulty shifting in or out of gears or is facing trouble of slipping on freeways and hills, there is a possibility that your vehicle has problems with shifting or clutch linkage. Auburn City Imports provides precise diagnosis and road test for all models of Honda.

No clutch lasts forever and the facings on the clutch disks wear and tear as the miles build up. The clutch flywheel and pressure plate can become worn, scored, cracked and warped from the friction and heat generated by the Honda clutch.

Bring your vehicle to Auburn City Imports for Honda Clutch Replacement and get back on the road in a healthy Honda vehicle.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Honda Transmission Repair
  • Honda Engine repair
  • Honda Axle & CV Joints
  • Honda Automatic & Manual Transmissions repair
  • Honda Maintenance
  • Honda Timing belts

Why Stop at Auburn City Imports iF YOU LIVE OR WORK HERE IN MAPLE VALLEY

At Auburn City Imports, we recognize that your Honda is a major investment, and so we care like it was our own. Whether you are travelling for pleasure or for business, you and your loved ones warrant a dependable vehicle.

Our special features include:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis free of cost
  • High-quality Honda repair services
  • Honest estimates and economic repairs
  • Factory trained technicians and mechanics
  • Insured, bonded and licensed company
  • Autonomous and family owned venture
  • Free shuttle service

Call Auburn City Imports for Honda Transmission and Clutch Repair Services.