Honda Transmission Repair in Federal Way

If you are experiencing problems with gear shifting or transmission of your Honda car, you need a Honda repair specialist to care of it. Ignoring the problem when it is small can result in major problems later on resulting in costly Honda repairs or replacement.

Auburn City Imports is a local; family owned and operated Honda repair facility for cars, trucks, SUV and vans with many customers located in Federal Way, WA. We provide complete Honda car maintenance and transmission repair services on all makes and models of Honda vehicles. We are a unique Honda car maintenance facility with the latest equipments and technicians available in the industry.

We are thoroughly customer-focused, which means that we never try to sell any service which an automobile does not need. We provide the customers with state-of-the-art Honda repair and transmission repair service at upfront prices in Federal Way. We constantly provide and deliver incomparable automatic & manual transmission repair services which will meet or surpass your expectations.

Taking our Honda repair services in Federal Way will ensure you the following:

  • Hassle free driving
  • Saving of time and money
  • Proper care of your vehicle

You can rely on our skilled and experienced technicians for the proper and effective Honda car maintenance and Honda transmission repair services in Federal Way. Equipped with the latest equipment and advanced diagnostic tools for Honda car maintenance they are able to diagnose the problem and rectify it with immediate effect.



Are you experiencing difficulty while shifting from one gear to another? Hard shifting can happen with Honda automatic and manual transmissions. It is obvious that you would not like to have a clutch which slips. Such slipping clutches damage the transmission, making chattering noises when used.

Clutch problems initiates in your vehicle’s pilot bearing, release bearing and pressure plate. This requires Honda transmission repair and clutch replacement so that your Federal Way vehicle lasts longer. Taking your Honda repair and car maintenance problems elsewhere can result in frustration. No one knows Honda transmissions repair like us.

As a reliable and established company dealing in Honda/Acura vehicles, we provide unprecedented Honda transmission repair services at affordable prices. Our areas of expertise with regard to Honda transmission repair include:

  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Automatic Transmission repair & rebuild
  • Manual Clutch repair & service
  • Non electrical diagnosis
  • Transmission fluid change and band adjustment
  • Replacement for bearings & clutches
  • Removal of hard shifting for faster and smoother shifting
  • Flywheel Resurfacing for Smooth Transmission Shifting

You need not worry about anything when your car is a Honda or Acura as we are Acura and Honda repair specialists and provide suitable Acura car maintenance and Honda car maintenance, respectively in Federal Way. You simply tell us the problem you are facing and our technicians will handle the rest.

With us as the company handling the Honda transmission repair services in Federal Way, you need not worry a bit as we will provide complete Honda car maintenance services and take care of your vehicle as our own. We will provide complete Honda car maintenance so that you experience hassle free and safe driving.


There might be several companies offering Honda transmission service in Federal Way. However, you need to find a company that is experienced and reliable and one that offers specialist service for your vehicles. You can choose us for Honda transmission service or complete Honda car maintenance in Federal Way as we offer services, the highlights of which are:

  • Experienced and factory trained Honda technicians
  • Provide factory warranty with an aim to save your money
  • Dealer-quality service
  • Friendly service
  • Honda repair and maintenance
  • On-time repairs
  • Common repairs
  • End of Warranty check-ups

We have been providing Honda car maintenance and transmission repair services in Federal Way for a long time. Think of a Honda repair mechanic that truly listens to you and considers your interests, while delivering exceptional automatic and manual transmission repair service. We have been serving as the recommended Honda car maintenance service in Federal Way for a long time.

We have a long list of satisfied customers that can vouch for our customer oriented services and our budget friendly pricing. You can take reviews from these customers that we have served in the past regarding our Honda repair and Honda car maintenance services in Federal Way.

Auburn City Imports has a solution for all your transmission repair and Honda car maintenance requirements. Call us today for Honda transmission repair & clutch replacement in Federal Way at 253.939.0437. Our customer friendly and helpful staff will listen to your requirements of Honda repair and Honda car maintenance and provide further guidance in Federal Way.