Expert Honda Service for Des Moines Cars and SUV’s


Factory-scheduled Honda service is something that many Honda owners in Des Moines, WA tend to take lightly. We at Auburn City Imports advisethem not to do so, asregular Honda service is the best way of extending their cars’ and SUVs’ lives.

Our Honda service experts are available for scheduled 15, 30, 60 and 90,000 mile maintenance check-ups of Honda vehicles in Des Moines. We also offer Honda repairs for problems detected during Honda maintenance services, or otherwise encountered during vehicles’ use.

The excellence of the Honda repairs and Honda maintenance work completed by our Honda service specialists allows our Des Moines customers to drive their Hondas with:

  • Maximum mechanical efficiency and reliability
  • Utmost fuel efficiency
  • Minimum operating and maintenance costs

Honda Repairs for Des Moines * Factory-Trained Honda Technicians

We have been fulfilling the Honda service needs of Des Moines Honda drivers since 1980. With 20-30 years devoted to working on Honda cars and SUVs, our accomplished technicians realize that every model presents unique challenges. They constantly keep updating their skills to handleall Honda repairs and Honda maintenance jobs in Des Moineswith precision.

100% satisfaction of our Des Moines customers is assured when their Honda repairs and Honda maintenance is handled by technicians with:

  • In-depth knowledge of Honda vehicles and Honda service needs
  • Enriching factory training in conducting Honda maintenance and Honda repairs
  • Proven expertise in Honda repairs and Honda maintenance
  • Extensive Honda service experience

Why Choose Us for Your Honda Maintenance & Repairs in Des Moines?

The Honda maintenance and Honda repairs done by us have a simple goal – helping our Des Moines customers get the best possible performance from their Honda cars and SUVs. While doing so, we make sure that we don’t oversell and perform only the Honda service that is actually needed.

Some of the distinguishing features that make the people of Des Moines choose our Honda service shop for their Honda maintenance and Honda repairs are:

  • Easily accessible, very responsive, family owned and managed Honda service facility
  • Honest assessment and advice on required Honda maintenance and Honda repairs
  • Quick, effective and durable Honda maintenance and Honda repairs
  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere at our Honda service shop
  • Worry-Free, 12,000 miles/12-month warranty on all Honda repairs

Our Des Moines customers love us for the dealer-quality Honda repair and Honda maintenance services we offer without charginghigh prices.

Call us now at (253) 939-0437 and schedule your Honda service at Auburn City Imports!