Honda Radiator Repair Maple Valley


All car owners will experience radiator problems at one time or another. And when it comes to Honda cars, Honda radiator repair is something which should be done as soon as the radiator starts giving you any problems. Instead of ignoring leaky or corroded radiators, it is better to have your Honda radiator repaired quickly.

Since 1980, Auburn City Imports has been considered one of the best Honda radiator replacement and Honda radiator repair centers in Maple Valley, WA. We hire experts who have years of training in Honda radiator repair and other Honda services.

Why choose us for Honda radiator repair:

  • We offer a Worry-Free™ warranty
  • Fast and thorough service
  • Trained professionals and Honda experts

Contact us today, you will be glad you did!

Honda Radiator Flush Maple Valley


It is important for every Honda car owner to have a Honda radiator flush service done regularly. The reason a Honda radiator flush is important is that it removes all dirt and sediments. A Honda radiator flush service will basically flush out all the unwanted particles to prevent corrosion.

We have been offering Honda radiator flush services in Maple Valley for a long time. We urge our customers to have a Honda radiator flush done regularly so that their cars can run smoothly and efficiently.

Without having scheduled time for your Honda radiator flush, you run the risk that your Honda radiator can become severely damaged or even overheated. When should you choose us for your Honda radiator flush services? If:

  • The radiator is overheating
  • If the fluids in the radiator have not been changed in 5 years
  • When the radiator has dirt and corrosion on it

Maple Valley Honda Radiator Replacement


Even if you have been diligent about having your Honda radiator serviced there are times when it must be replaced. We handle Honda radiator replacements for all models of Honda vehicles. Honda radiators need to be replaced when you notice excessive rusting, leaking, or after flushing, it is still overheating.

We have professional Honda radiator replacement experts in our Maple Valley location. Our trained experts understand when your Honda car requires a Honda radiator replacement. After careful examination, they will give you a written estimate of all the costs involved.

Why choose us to replace your Honda radiator? We are:

  • Family owned and operated
  • In business for over 30 years
  • Customer service oriented

If you need a Honda radiator replacement then Auburn City Imports is the best Honda repair and replacement service in Maple Valley. Call us at (253) 939-0437.