Honda Radiator Repair Issaquah


Heat generated by the running of the engine in a car is controlled by the radiator. Often, radiators develop problems due to obstructions in the cooling system, old coolant, sludge formation or leakage. These can damage a radiator and necessitates having the radiator repaired.

We, Auburn City Imports, are the most trustworthy companies dealing in Honda radiator repair services for Issaquah, WA residents. We have:

  • Authorized Honda radiator repair facility
  • Experienced, company trained technicians
  • Stock original components for Honda radiator repair
  • State of the art facilities for Honda radiator repair

We also follow up with you after your Honda radiator repair to make sure all of our Issaquah customers are happy with our services. We provide all this plus our outstanding customer service at very affordable prices.

Honda Radiator Flush Issaquah


Overheating of an engine occurs when the coolant in the radiator is unable adequately do its job and cool the engine when running. This may be due to the old coolant becoming less effective and the formation of sludge which becomes deposited in the cooling system.

This results in clogging of the radiator, causing the cooling system to not work properly and affecting the performance of your car and possibly causing engine damage. A Honda radiator flush becomes necessary to get rid of the old coolant and sludge from the radiator.

We specialize in:

  • Removing old coolant during Honda radiator flush
  • Flushing the deposits from cooling passage
  • Using quality cleaning solutions for our services
  • Conducting Honda radiator flushes per Honda guidelines

We offer Honda radiator flush services for Honda automobiles including Honda Civic and Honda Odyssey at affordable prices.

Issaquah Honda Radiator Replacement


A regular check-up of the coolant system and having a Honda radiator flush protect radiators from damage. But sometimes that is not enough and you need a Honda radiator replacement. We are a certified repair shop for Honda radiator replacement for Issaquah Honda car owners.

We are well equipped to handle Honda radiator replacement in Issaquah as we:

  • Have experienced technicians, trained for Honda radiator replacement
  • Use original Honda parts, assuring a warranty for Honda radiator replacement
  • Never compromise on quality

The cost of a Honda radiator replacement depends upon the type of Honda you have and components used during your Honda radiator replacement. We provide a written estimate before any work is done. With our customer-oriented approach, we are considered the best in the field for Honda radiator replacement.

When you want the best Honda radiator repair services in Issaquah, call Auburn City Imports at (253) 245-1212