Honda Radiator Repair Federal Way


Radiators are installed in cars to reduce the heat generated when running your car’s engine. The coolant in the radiator circulates throughout the engine, absorbs the heat and saves the engine from damage due to overheating.

If a radiator malfunctions engine overheating will occur causing damage to your engine. You do not want that to happen. If you are experiencing any radiator problems come see Auburn City Imports immediately. We are the leading company offering Honda radiator repair services for Federal way, WA residents.

We have:

  • Certified technicians
  • A fully equipped shop for Honda radiator repair
  • Perfect record of customer satisfaction

Our technicians are well versed in Honda radiator repair. We offer you quality service at affordable prices. We also follow up after your Honda radiator repair service is complete to make sure radiator repair services for you, our Federal Way customer, has taken care of the problems you were having.

Honda Radiator Flush Federal Way


The coolant in radiators helps in cooling the engine from the heat evolved from running an engine. Over a period of time, the coolant breaks down and sludge becomes deposited in the cooling system. This results in clogging the radiator which adversely affect the performance of your Honda.

Having a Honda radiator flush becomes imperative to get rid of dirt, rust, sludge and old coolant from the radiator.

We specialize in:

  • Removing used coolant during Honda radiator flush
  • Eliminating the deposits from cooling passages
  • Using approved cleaning solutions
  • Conducting the Honda radiator flush per specifications

Federal Way Honda Radiator Replacement


Periodic check-ups of your radiator and having a Honda radiator flush can prevent damage to the radiator. But even those might not totally protect your radiator. Damage can happen in other ways and will necessitate a Honda radiator replacement. We offer excellent Honda radiator replacement services for Federal Way Honda car owners.

Our company is rated as one the most competent in Honda radiator replacement in Federal Way as we:

  • Have factory trained and experienced technicians
  • Use original component and materials
  • Accomplish our job quickly and efficiently

Although the cost of Honda radiator replacement depends upon the model of the Honda and the components used, we charge competitive labor charges for the job. This adds up to having a customer who is very satisfied with our work. We are considered the best in the field of Honda radiator repair, radiator flush and radiator replacement in the area.

Should you need a Honda radiator replacement or repair in Federal Way, please call Auburn City Imports at (253) 245-1212.