Honda Radiator Repair Des Moines


A major component in your Honda is the radiator. It plays an important part in the performance of your vehicle because it keeps your Honda from overheating and causing engine damage.

If you are having problems with your radiator such as leaking or steam coming from it you need a trusted mechanic to take a look at it right away. Auburn City Imports is just that trusted mechanic that offers high quality Honda radiator repair services for Des Moines, WA residents.

When you come to us to help with a radiator problem we will:

  • Inspection the radiator
  • Replacing the upper and lower hoses
  • Repair your Honda radiator correctly
  • Provide complete radiator replacement if necessary

You can rely on our skilled and trained technicians as they are fully adept in handling any problems associated with Honda cars. They are equipped with the most up to date equipment that enables them to complete your Honda radiator repair quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Honda Radiator Flush Des Moines


It is recommended to have regular radiator flushes for your Honda to ensure proper car performance and to protect your engine. A Honda radiator flush will remove the old coolant, flush out any dirt, and add fresh, new coolant to the radiator. We have been offering Honda radiator flush services for Des Moines residents for a long time.

You can trust us for thorough Honda radiator flush services as we use:

  • Approved Honda parts
  • The correct techniques
  • Only certified mechanics

With us as your company for Honda radiator repair, you need not worry about anything. We not only offer Honda radiator flush services but will provide those with the type of customer service you expect and the most affordable prices in the area.

Des Moines Honda Radiator Replacement


With the number of companies offering Honda radiator replacement services in Des Moines, choosing the best one can be a difficult task. However, to ensure that you are working with the company that offers the best in servicing and pricing, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Reliability
  • Reputation
  • Recommendations
  • Pricing

We are the ideal company to choose for Honda radiator replacement in Des Moines as we qualify on all these aspects. Tired of dealership Honda radiator replacement costs? We guarantee the best in service at local mechanic pricing.

Feel free to call Auburn City Imports at (253) 245-1212 for any Honda radiator repair services you may need in Des Moines.