Honda Radiator Repair Auburn


Having radiator problems with your Honda Civic? Searching for an auto repair shop that specializes in Honda radiator repair? Visit Auburn City Imports!

We are an independent, family owned and operated automotive facility that has been working on Honda vehicles since 1980. We are the #1 choice of discerning vehicle owners who want professional Honda radiator repair services but would prefer a cost-effective alternative to the dealership.

The technicians that we put on Honda radiator repair jobs for Auburn, WA residents have spent virtually their entire careers working on Honda cars and SUVs. They get your Honda Civic radiator leak repair done:

  • Quickly
  • Efficiently
  • With lasting solutions

Honda Radiator Flush Auburn


If you want to keep your Honda radiator repair expenses and hassles to a minimum, remember to get a Honda radiator flush done at regular intervals. Know the company recommendations regarding a Honda radiator flush and remember to have it performed right on schedule.

Not having a Honda Odyssey radiator flush or Honda Civic radiator flush done when required can cause debris to clog the radiator tubes and hamper the flow of coolant. Delaying a Honda radiator flush in your Auburn vehicle can result in damage to the hoses, thermostat, water pump and the engine


Keep your investment protected by visiting us on time for a Honda radiator flush. We perform a thorough Honda radiator flush that includes:

  • Inspecting and pressure-testing radiator for leaks
  • Adding the right chemicals to remove radiator contaminants
  • Refilling antifreeze

Auburn Honda Radiator Replacement


Is your Honda Pilot getting overheated too frequently? Are you frustrated with persistent coolant leakage issues? It may be time for Honda Pilot radiator replacement.

Just like any other automotive component, the radiator deteriorates with time. It is advisable to come to us to handle the Honda radiator replacement in your Auburn vehicle and keep its cooling system working as it should.

We understand that how critically important an efficient radiator is and we will schedule your Honda radiator replacement job quickly. Moreover, we ensure competitive prices to keep the Honda radiator replacement cost within your budget.

To ensure that your Honda radiator replacement job ends with a high-performing radiator in your vehicle, we:

  • Work with factory-trained mechanics
  • Use a genuine, quality product for replacement
  • Check the new radiator for leaks and other issues

When it comes to dealer quality but affordable services for Honda radiator replacement or repair, Auburn City Imports is the only place to visit. Call (253) 245-1212 for details.