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Your muffler and exhaust system can develop condensation.  The muffler may never get hot enough in cold weather to remove sitting water.  This trapped water can corrode or rust your muffler from the inside out.  The water combines with sulfur and eats away at your muffler.  You need your exhaust system to control the exhaust and emissions from your vehicle.  These gases include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and others.

Having a properly working exhaust system will help you pass state emissions tests.  Contact Auburn City Imports for your muffler and exhaust system needs.  We inspect, replace and service Honda and Acura mufflers and exhaust systems.  Your Expert Honda Technician will inspect your muffler, tail pipe and other components.  Keep your Honda or Acura environmentally friendly.  Come on in for muffler and exhaust system service.

  • Muffler Service, Repair and Replacement
  • Exhaust System and Muffler Inspections
  • Factory Parts Lasting 10-15 Years
  • Aftermarket Parts Lasting 5-6 Years
  • Removes Corrosive Gases from your Vehicle
  • Service for All Ranges of Exhaust Systems
  • Stops Loud Noises and Leaks

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Honda Muffler & Exhaust Systems • Acura Muffler & Exhaust Systems

Auburn City Imports offers comprehensive muffler and exhaust system services for Honda and Acura vehicles. We are a family owned and run auto repair facility that has been serving its customers since 1980. Our business is licensed, bonded and insured.

We take pride in our high quality, affordable and honest services that are delivered with a strong emphasis on satisfaction of all the customers. Our team of extremely knowledgeable and experienced technicians is always at hand to provide lasting and cost effective solutions for all your muffler & exhaust system troubles.

Exhaust System Inspection • Muffler Repair


The exhaust system of your Honda or Acura protects you from the dangerous gases produced by the engine. It redirects these gases away from you to be released into the outside air. It also helps in minimizing these harmful pollutants, and reduces the engine exhaust noise to give you a quieter driving experience.

At times, the muffler and exhaust system can develop problems that affect their functioning. In the cold weather, if the muffler does not get hot enough to evaporate the sitting water, condensation may develop. This causes corrosion and the muffler rusts away.

Contact Auburn City Imports for top-notch services for your exhaust system issues. Our factory-trained technicians offer thorough inspection, service, repair and replacement of the mufflers and exhaust systems. We make sure that your Honda and Acura stay environment-friendly and pass the state emissions tests.

Honda/Acura Emissions Testing • Exhaust System Service

Our services include:

  • Muffler Inspection & Service
  • Muffler Repair & Replacement
  • Exhaust System Inspection
  • Exhaust System Servicing
  • Exhaust Repair & Replacement
Why Choose Auburn City Imports for Muffler & Exhaust System services?

Constant use can damage a vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system. With technicians who have worked exclusively on Honda and Acura cars for their 20-30 year long careers, we feel confident that no one can solve your exhaust system problems better than us.

The features that are unique to us include:

  • Easily accessible, assure you of prompt response
  • Dealer quality services at competitive prices
  • Industry leading 12 month/12000 miles warranty on all repairs
  • Friendly and pleasant atmosphere
  • Offer good value for your money
  • Reliable services provided by highly skilled mechanics
  • Customer-friendly approach

Ensure maximum operational and fuel efficiency of your Honda and Acura. Get muffler & exhaust system service from Auburn City Imports. Call us at (253) 245-1212 today!

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