Honda/Acura Tune Up Services for the Des Moines Community


Sadly, many people in Des Moines, WA ignore factory-scheduled Acura oil change service and Honda/Acura tune up services. They usually visit an auto shop only when their automobiles break down. We at Auburn City Imports would like Des Moines motorists to understand the importance of regular Honda/Acura tune up service so that they enjoy low-maintenance, high-performing vehicles with our Honda/Acura tune up services.

We offer Honda car maintenance, Acura oil change services and much more.The people of Des Moines in need of Honda/Acura tune up service, Honda car maintenance and Acura oil change service can count on us for:

  • Dealership-quality Honda/Acura tune up services
  • Fairly priced Honda/Acura tune up service affordable by all
  • Thorough and reliable Honda car maintenance
  • Quick and superior Acura oil change and oil filter change
  • Skilled technicians handling all Honda car maintenance and Acura oil change jobs

Honda Car Maintenance and Parts Inspection for Des Moines Vehicles

Regular Honda car maintenance and timely Acura oil change services are a must to maintain a vehicle that runs smoothly, has power and is fuel-efficient. The Honda car maintenance and inspection carried out by our Honda/Acura tune up experts for Des Moines vehicles includes:

  • Brake checks
  • Transmission fluid changes
  • Oil changes
  • Timing belt replacements

We serve Des Moines with an unmatched expertise in Honda/Acura tune up services that comes from being in the business since 1980. The skill and experience of our Honda car maintenance and Acura oil change technicians combine with a customer-centric approach to result in Honda/ Acura tune up and maintenance services that meet Des Moines vehicles’ specifications and customers’ expectations.

Acura Oil Change and Fluid Replacement Services for Des Moines

Every Des Moines Honda and Acura owner who values his or her vehicle should come to us on schedule for Honda/Acura tune up services, Honda car maintenance and Acura oil change service.

The factory-scheduled Honda car maintenance services delivered at our Honda/Acura tune up shop for Des Moines customers keep vehicles in great working condition. Our Acura oil change and fluid replacement services result in:

  • Minimizing engine wear and tear
  • Maximizing engine life
  • Optimizing engine efficiency and performance

Keep your Honda or Acura running smoothly and safely today, tomorrow and foreverby coming to us for factory-scheduled Honda/Acura tune up service, Honda car maintenance and Acura oil change service.

Get your Des Moines vehicle taken care of by using the Honda/Acura tune up, Honda car maintenance and Acura oil change services of Auburn City Imports. Call us at (253) 939-0437.