Honda and Acura Suspension Service • Suspension Repair • New Suspensions

Your vehicle suspension controls the handling and braking of your Honda and Acura vehicle.  Your suspension allows you and passengers to have a Honda-transmission-Buriencomfortable ride.  It does this by limiting the impact of bumps, vibrations and road noise.  Your suspension allows your Honda braking system to work quickly and safely.  And your Honda suspension has another important role.  It keeps your wheels in close contact with the road for better handling.

At Auburn City Imports we resolve any common problems with your Honda suspension.  Your suspension can develop noises while driving.  Your suspension bushings, arms and struts can wear down.  Your Expert Honda Technician will replace these parts.  They’ll do a thorough inspection to check your vehicle suspension.  Protect your Honda and Acura with our suspension service.

  • Replacement for Bushings, Arms and Struts
  • Thorough Suspension Inspection
  • Reduces Tire Wear and Road Noise
  • Improves the Ride and Handling Quality
  • Improves Braking Power
  • Thorough Brake Inspection

Honda and Acura Suspension Service • New Suspensions

Honda and Acura owners trust Auburn City Imports with all their suspension problems. Our family owned & operated independent automotive repair shop has been in business since 1980. All these years, our focus has been on ensuring that all the clients coming into our facility drive off happier and more confident of their vehicles’ performance and efficiency.

Our technical skills, fair prices and high standards in customer service are unmatched in the industry. Our expert technicians constantly upgrade their knowledge & skills to provide you with the best of services. We are committed to our goal of keeping your Honda/Acura healthy and cruising smoothly along the road.

Suspension Inspection • Bushings Replacement


When the suspension system of your Honda or Acura does not function properly, you suffer more than an uncomfortable bumpy ride. Malfunctioning suspension is not only annoying, but also quite dangerous. The system’s efficient working is a must to maintain complete control over the vehicle.

The suspensions absorb the rough bumps on the road, reduce the road noise and the vibrations while driving, and enable you to enjoy a smooth ride. The system also assists you in proper steering of the vehicle and helps the brakes to work quickly and with the required power.

Your Honda/Acura suspension can develop problems. The bushings, arms and struts can wear out. The suspension may start making a squeaking noise. You may experience bouncing, pulling, vibration and poor control when you drive. Whenever you have such problems, head straight to Auburn City Imports. We inspect your vehicle suspensions thoroughly and conduct the required repairs and replacement efficiently.

Suspension Replacement • Brake Inspection

Our suspension services include:

  • Suspension Inspection
  • Suspension Repair
  • New Suspension Installation
  • Brake Inspection
  • Bushings Replacement
  • Arms and Struts Replacement
Why Choose Auburn City Imports for suspension services?

As a leading Honda/Acura suspension expert, Auburn City Imports has the tools, technology, expertise and experience to handle all your suspension issues.

The features that set us apart from the competition include:

  • Dealer quality service at budget-friendly prices
  • Job completed on schedule
  • Expert service that greatly improves vehicle riding and handling qualities
  • Well-mannered, friendly and considerate staff
  • Fully warrantied repairs
  • Factory trained technicians with decades of experience
  • Strive for 100% customer satisfaction

If you think that the suspension system of your Honda or Acura is not working properly, come to Auburn City Imports. Give us a call at (253) 245-1212 today!