Honda/Acura Car or SUV Starter and Alternator Repair


How do you know when your starter or alternator is having trouble?  Grinding and spinning is a clear sign you may have starter and alternator problems.  Do you consistently leave you lights on for long periods?  This can drain power from your starter or alternator.  The final blow happens when your Honda or Acura won’t start.  Having transportation is vital.  Get your starters and alternators serviced at Auburn City Imports.

We use OEM manufactured alternators and starters.  Most rebuilt starters and alternators have a 2-3/10 come back ratio.  Not at Auburn City Imports.  Our starters and alternators have a low failure rate.  You don’t need an unpredictable starter or alternator.  Get a starter or alternator you can depend on.  Visit Auburn City Imports for your starters and alternators.

  • Starter and Alternator Replacement
  • Starter and Alternator Service and Repair
  • Low Failure Rates for Dependable Power
  • Allows your Vehicle to Start Consistently
  • Battery, Starter and Alternator Inspections
  • Service, Maintenance and Repair

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Honda Starter and Alternator Repair • Acura Starter and Alternator Services

Unpredictable starter & alternator, and a weak battery rob you of efficient automobile use. Your vehicle may refuse to start when you need it very urgently. At Auburn City Imports, we provide you with top grade starters & alternators that allow your Honda and Acura to start consistently and keep running unhindered.

Our facility employs technicians who have devoted 20-30 years to working on these cars and SUVs. We are deservedly reputed as the region’s leading Acura/Honda specialists. We have full faith in our capabilities and stand behind our work with a 12000 mile/12 month ‘Worry Free’ warranty.

Alternator Replacement • Starter Repair


The battery, starter and alternator are all very crucial parts of your Honda and Acura cars and SUVs. The battery supplies the electric power with which the starter gets the engine running. After that, the alternator works as a recharging system, recharges the battery and also creates the electricity required for powering the electrical components of the vehicle.

Sometimes, you may have trouble with your starter or alternator. Turning the vehicle off and on too frequently, leaving the lights on for long time periods, and vehicle aging can cause problems. Dimmed headlights & interior lights, chattering/clicking sounds when turning the ignition on, check engine light coming on, and failure of the vehicle’s electrical accessories are some warning signs that you should pay heed to.

Auburn City Imports offers first-rate maintenance, repair and replacement services for your starters and alternators.

Starter Replacement • Battery Troubleshooting

The services offered by us include:

  • Battery, Starter and Alternator Inspections
  • Starter & Alternator Service
  • Starter & Alternator Repair
  • Starter & Alternator Replacement
Why Choose Auburn City Imports for starter & alternator repair?

You do not need us to tell you about the need for dependable conveyance. You must never take chances with the battery, starter or alternator of your vehicle. If there is a trouble, take the car immediately to Auburn City Imports. Have it examined by our starter and alternator experts and get the defect repaired before you are left stranded on the roads.

Our key strengths include:

  • Great prices and good discounts
  • Friendly and hassle-free services
  • Use OEM parts for ensuring excellent results
  • High quality starters & alternators with low failure rate
  • Very knowledgeable, factory-trained technicians
  • Outstanding customer service

Is your Honda or Acura experiencing problem with its charging and starting system? Bring it to Auburn City Imports now! Contact us at (253) 245-1212.