Honda/Acura Engine Repair Services for the Des Moines Community


As all Honda and Acura owners in Des Moines, WA will agree, their smooth, reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles deliver very enjoyable driving experiences. Auburn City Imports is proud to be a Honda/Acura engine repair shop that helps Des Moines residents derive constant pleasure from their vehicles through timely and effective services.

Our Honda/Acura engine repair services are meant for enhancing vehicles engines’ performance and life. Striving to do what is best for the vehicles and also the vehicle owners, we offer:

  • Top quality Honda/Acura engine repair
  • Amazing customer service
  • Unbeatable Honda/Acura engine repair pricing

Our Honda/Acura engine repair shop is licensed, bonded and insured for the protection of our Des Moines customers.

Acura Engine Repair, Maintenance and Replacement for Des Moines Vehicles

Having served Des Moines with exclusive services for Honda and Acura vehicles since 1980, our independent, family owned and operated Honda/Acura engine repair shop is confident in:

  • Resolving all sorts of Acura engine problems
  • Working on all types of Acura vehicles
  • Handling all old and new models of Acura vehicles

Whether it is a routine engine tune-up, a complicated engine repair or a complete engine replacement, Acura owners in Des Moines will find our Honda/Acura engine repair shop to be up to the job. Our technicians have serviced Acura vehicles since they entered the US market in 1971 and understand their engineering better than anybody else in the Des Moines community.

Honda/Acura Engine Repair Shop Serving Des Moines Residents

Your choice of Honda/Acura engine repair shop affects not only the immediate service quality you receive, but also the future performance of your vehicle. Our Honda/Acura engine repair shop is happy to meet Des Moines drivers’ short-term needs and long-term expectations from their vehicles.

We are the ideal choice for the Des Moines residents who are on the lookout for a:

  • Honda/Acura engine repair shop with precise automotive knowledge
  • Honda/Acura engine repair shop with extensive experience
  • Honda/Acura engine repair shop with capable and trained technicians
  • Honda/Acura engine repair shop with advanced automotive tools and technologies
  • Honda/Acura engine repair shop offering dealer-quality service without high prices

The industry-leading Worry-Free warranty of 12-month/12,000 miles that we offer on every Honda/Acura engine repair is testament to our commitment to helping the people of Des Moines drive healthy Hondas and Acuras.

When it comes to Honda/Acura engine repair, Des Moines residents need to look no further than Auburn City Imports.Call our Honda/Acura engine repair shop at (253) 939-0437.