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For over 30 years die hard Honda and Acura owners have trusted us with their vehicles.  Every day we provide the best service, repair and maintenance for Honda’s and Acura’s.  Read testimonials from some of our highly satisfied customers.  Are you a Honda or Acura owner?  We look forward to adding you to our family of highly satisfied customers!

Great customer service and quality maintenance

I have been with Auburn City Imports for ten years. My Honda is eleven years old now, so they have been working on it almost exclusively for its entire lifespan. They simply do great work. Their prices are way better than the dealership, plus they have better mechanics on service, and to them you're not just a number. They are a smaller shop around kent, and know me by name when I call. They have treated me very well.

I totally trust their mechanics. To give an example, I let them do an experiment on my car. The headlights were aging, and became tinted with a yellow film that made it difficult to see at night. I thought I would have to get them replaced, but first the mechanics at the shop tested out a new product them. Well, it worked out great, and saved me from having to spend more money. On another occasion, I tried to replace a bulb myself, but couldn't manage to figure it out. I went by the shop, and their mechanics put it in at no charge.

Auburn City Imports is great. They really care about keeping me on the road. The owner himself has even done work for me before. They are an ideal mechanics for Honda and Acura service around Kent.

* Reviewed By: Laura V. * Review Date: 28 Jun 2011 * Reviewer Location: Kent, CA

I will only buy Honda's because I won't go anywhere else for auto service

At this time, I have been using Auburn City Imports for over 20 years. I started using them when I first began driving, and have used them ever since for the maintenance of my car. Recently I bought a new car, and between two manufacturers I bought another Honda because I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for automotive mechanics services around Kent.

Auburn City Imports know Hondas inside and out. I can call them if I'm experiencing a problem, and they usually know exactly what I'm talking about. They know that certain models and certain years have particular issues, and they can give you advice accordingly. Their mechanics are honest about my concerns, and will tell me up front whether an issue requires immediate attention, or whether I can continue driving without worry. What's more, they are always willing to talk to me and never seem annoyed at having to answer my questions.

I tell people all the time that if they drive a Honda around Kent, the mechanics of Auburn City Imports are the only place to go for best maintenance. They may not be the cheapest around, but they do as well as, if not better than the dealership, and are certainly cheaper than that option. Also, their mechanics are kind and trustworthy. You never have to worry about being ripped off.

* Reviewed By: Denise H. * Review Date: 31 May 2011 * Reviewer Location: Auburn, WA

Good value and convenient. I have no complaints

Auburn City Imports has been working on my Acura since it came out of warranty in 2007. So they have performed all of the repair, oil changes, and scheduled maintenance since then. I also have an older Honda that they work. A couple of years ago during a snow storm my chains broke and they were able to repair my anti-skid sensor. They are always able to get parts right away and their prices are good.

They have always been able to take me in spur of the moment, which is another good thing. They are small enough where they know you by name and they offer a more personal relationship.

* Reviewed By: Warren M. * Review Date: 27 May 2011 * Reviewer Location: Kent, WA

Dedicated Customer!

I began visiting AuburnCity Imports (ACI) when I worked a few blocks away beginning in 2004. I left the job in 2005 but not ACI! Time has flown by and the miles are adding up on my 1997 Acura 2.5TL...she is well taken care of by Chuck, Jeff & the team here. She runds great! I am a customer for life...P.S., thank you for ordering a front license plate bracket for my Acura yesterday during my oil change maintenance. You went out of the way to help me when the bracket had nothing to do with the mechanics of my car. See you next Friday to install it!

If you are a Honda or Acura owner near Kent, AuburnCity Imports is the best car maintenance and repair shop near you.

* Reviewed By: T. V. * Review Date: 21 May 2011 * Reviewer Location: Kent, WA

If you're not going to Auburn City Imports, you're missing out!

Chuck from Auburn City Imports is fantastic! We used to go to a competitor. But when we burned out the oil in our motor, we got a few bids from several places. Chuck actually found us a motor to replace ours at half the price of what the competitor's bid was. That pretty much sealed the deal for us. The competitor's bid was outrageous! So it was fate that we went with Chuck, and have been taking our cars to him for many years since, and wouldn't think about going anywhere else! We hope he never retires!

Jerry, the other main mechanic besides Chuck, is also terrific! He's a really good guy and takes the time to explain things to us. Actually, all the people that work there are so nice, friendly and wonderful. They make us feel special every time we go there. And even though they guarantee their work, we are always satisfied, and never not have been.

My wife also feels very comfortable going there. She absolutely loves chatting with Monique and Jeff! I am always recommending Auburn City Imports to anybody and everybody who owns a Honda!

If you're near  Kent, Convington, Des Moines, AuburnCity Imports is the right where to go for your car repair.

Scott & Leslie Allen

* Reviewed By: Scott & Leslie A. * Review Date: 10 May 2011 * Reviewer Location: Kent, WA