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Brakes on your Honda or Acura vehicle can wear down.  Your brakes can develop uneven pad wear.  Uneven pad wear can cause your brakes to not have the stopping power your Honda or Acura needs.  Do you notice vibration when braking and other noises?  Other brake noises can include squealing.  This is when your Honda brakes are metal to metal and is time for brake repair.  If you notice these and other common Honda brake problems contact us today.  We provide a comprehensive brake service for your Honda or Acura vehicle.

We’ll replace your front brake pads and rear brake shoes.  Your Expert Honda Technician will put in squeal indicators.  Our Honda brake service includes inspecting calipers, brake lubing and brake flushes.  Your Expert Honda Technician will machine your brake rotors to remove shakes and rattles.  This helps your brake rotors to run properly.  Choose Auburn City Imports for your Honda and Acura brakes.

  • Removes Brake Vibrations for Quieter Braking
  • Brake Pad and Brake Shoe Replacement
  • Brake Caliper Inspecting
  • Brake Lubing for Better Performance
  • Brake System Flushes for Cleaner Brakes
  • Brake Rotor Machining

Honda Brake Repair • Acura Brake Repair

Auburn City Imports is proud to serve the brake repair needs of Honda and Acura vehicle owners. With more than 30 years in the business, we are a trusted automotive expert. All our technicians have spent their 20-30 year long careers working on Honda and Acura vehicles. Their knowledge and understanding of the brake system in these vehicles is unsurpassed. Our confidence in the capabilities of our technicians is reflected in our industry leading ‘Worry Free’ warranty, whereby we back our repair services with a 12 month or 12000 miles warranties. We take pride in providing thorough and effective brake maintenance and repair for every single vehicle coming into our facility. A healthy car and a happy customer is our sole objective and we go all out to ensure its achievement.

Brake Services • Brake Shoe Replacement


You don’t need an automotive expert to tell you that it is not safe to drive a vehicle without an efficiently functioning brake system. With usage, the brake pads get worn-out and the brake’s stopping power reduces. Squealing noise and vibration on braking are some signs that indicate that brake repair is in order.

If you suspect that your Honda or Acura is developing brake issues, bring it straight to Auburn City Imports. Our comprehensive brake services give your vehicle clean and high performing brakes. We aim to ensure a safe and dependable brake system that allows you to enjoy a relaxed and smooth driving experience.

Brake Lubing • Brake System Flushing

The brake services offered by us include:

  • Brake Lubing
  • Brake System Flushes
  • Brake Rotor Machining
  • Brake Caliper Inspecting
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Brake Shoe Replacement
Why Choose Auburn City Imports for brake repair?

When you bring in your vehicle for service or repairs, you expect to get good value for your hard-earned money. Auburn City Imports understands this and offers economical and reliable services, assuring you of your & your loved ones’ safety out on the road.

Our distinguishing features include:

  • Family owned and operated local business
  • Free local shuttle service within Covington area
  • Foremost priority to customer satisfaction
  • Prompt response, and quick & timely services
  • Use best quality factory manufactured parts
  • Attention to details to make sure of effective and durable results
  • Dealer quality services, but at considerably lower prices
  • Have brake issues? Don’t worry; come to your local Honda/Acura brake experts, Auburn City Imports. Call us at (253) 245-1212 immediately.

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