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Your electrical system controls all the electrical components in your Honda or Acura.  When power windows, doors, lights and mirrors don’t work your electrical system needs service or electrical repairs. .  Did you know most Hondas/Acuras have control modules?   Control modules let you control your windows, doors and other components.  Newer Honda’s have 20-30 different control modules.  Your electrical system controls other vital systems.  These include your anti-lock breaks.

Here’s another valid reason to never take your Honda or Acura to another auto repair shop.  They can’t quickly diagnose and fix your electrical system problems.  Instead they bypass the electrical problems and try to “rig” them.  Why?  They don’t have access to Honda’s database.  Auburn City Imports has access to this vital database.  It contains the electrical troubleshooting schematics for your vehicle.

When there’s a problem with your electrical system we go right to the Honda database.  We find the specific schematic.  We’ll follow from the front end and go along the circuit path.  This will lead us to the specific problem.  The Honda database gives us the solution.  This allows us to fix your electrical problems faster than any other repair shop in Washington.  Your Honda electrical system is vital to vehicle performance.  Choose Auburn City Imports for electrical system service.

  • Access to Honda Database for Faster Diagnosis
  • Allows Power Doors, Locks and other Components to Work
  • Reduces Troubleshooting Time for Faster Service
  • Improves the Operation of Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Helps your Control Modules Work the First Time
  • Locate and Resolve Wiring Problems

Honda and Acura Electrical System • Electrical Repairs

At Auburn City Imports, we understand that the electrical systems in vehicles are becoming more complex than ever. We make sure that our technicians are ready to handle electrical system problems of all types. Our dedication has helped us be the most trusted Honda and Acura car specialists for over 30 years.

Having devoted their entire 2-3 decades long careers to servicing and repairing Honda and Acura vehicles, our technicians boast of a matchless knowledge of Honda/Acura engineering. They keep updating their expertise and can be trusted to work successfully on even the latest models of these cars.

We always do our best to ensure that every vehicle leaving our auto repair facility is performing, and continues to perform, at its best.

Control Modules • Electrical System Service


The efficient functioning of several vital systems such as anti-lock brakes, and wiring & circuits depends on a vehicle’s electrical system. The Honda and Acura cars come with advanced control modules to control the doors, windows and other components. Their proper working needs a fully functional electrical system.

Occasionally, your car may need electrical repairs. Whenever you observe a problem in the working of power windows, doors, instrumentation, mirrors, lights, etc., you must take it to an auto expert. Auburn City Imports is the best option for electrical system service of Honda and Acura vehicles. Our factory trained technicians offer faster and more accurate electrical repairs than any other automotive repair shop in the state.

Automotive Electrical Troubleshooting • Electrical Repair Experts

The benefits of our expert electrical repairs include:

  • Improves the operation of anti-lock braking system
  • Allows working of power doors, locks and other components
  • Control modules work perfectly
  • The wiring problems located and resolved correctly
  • Enhances overall vehicle performance
Why Choose Auburn City Imports for electrical repairs?

Not every auto repair facility has access to the Honda database. But, Auburn City Imports does. We make use of the electrical troubleshooting schematics that it contains to locate the exact problem with your vehicle’s electrical system and find the right solution for it.

Our key strengths include:

  • Family owned & operated, independent shop
  • Realistic assessment of repairs required, respect customer’s budget
  • High quality services at most competitive prices
  • 12000 miles/12 month warranty on repairs
  • Correct diagnosis and efficient solutions; no short-cuts
  • Attractive discount offers
  • Focused attention to customer comfort, convenience and happiness

Trust no one but the best for your electrical system service and repairs. Call Auburn City Imports at (253) 245-1212.

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