Honda & Acura Belt & Hose Repair • Timing Belt • Drive Belt • Radiator Hose


Your hoses and belts help the fluids in your vehicle get from one system to another. Hoses and belts allow your engine parts to move at the right times. Without hoses and belts your Honda or Acura wouldn’t be able to function. At Auburn City Imports we inspect and replace your hoses and belts. We offer vital service for timing belts, v-belts, driving belts and other types of belts. Hoses include upper and lower radiator hoses, heater hoses and others.

Your hoses and belts can develop cracks, holes and tears. These develop over time through wear and tear. Your hoses and belts can be affected by overheating and poor fluid levels. The excessive heat can melt the protective parts of your hoses and belts. Fluids can splash all over the inside of your engine. The teeth on timing belts can wear down and break. If this happens your engine can be permanently damaged. Your Expert Honda Technician will inspect and replace your hoses and belts.

  • Hose and Belt Replacements
  • Timing Belts
  • V-Belts
  • Driving Belts
  • Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses
  • Bypass Hose
  • Keeps Engine Parts Moving
  • Allows Fluids to Reach Vital Systems

Honda Belt & Hose Repair • Acura Belt & Hose Repair


When you need Belt & Hose inspection and repair services for Honda or Acura vehicles, look no further than Auburn City Imports. We are a family owned and operated company that has been in business for over 30 years. In these years, we have come to be known for our technically superb services and outstanding customer service.

We are proud to be a friendly automotive expert that listens to the customers and gives them and their vehicles the deserved attention. Do check out our amazing prices and warranties before going to a dealership service center.

Keep your cars and SUVs gliding smoothly on the roads with the specialized services of your local Honda and Acura belt & hose experts!

Timing Belt • Radiator Hose • Drive Belt


You may not know it, but your Honda and Acura have several hoses and belts that help in the movement of fluids from one system to the other, and enable the correct and timely movement of the engine parts.

Over time, wear and tear causes tears, holes and cracks in the belts and hoses. Their protective parts can get melted by overheating and this may cause the fluids to be splashed inside the engine. The deterioration of these belts and hoses can lead on to permanent engine damage.

Auburn City Imports has highly experienced Honda and Acura experts who inspect and replace your vehicles’ belts and hoses. Don’t wait for a broken hose/belt to leave you stranded in the middle of the road. Come to us for regular inspections.

Belt & Hose Repair Experts • Belt & Hose Replacement

We offer services for:

  • Belt and Hose Inspection
  • Belt and Hose Replacement
  • Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses
  • Bypass Hose
  • Heater Hose
  • V-Belts
  • Driving Belts
  • Timing Belts

Why Choose Auburn City Imports for belt & hose services?

Belt & hose services at Auburn City Imports are thorough and honest. We are straight forward in telling our customers about the exact condition of their vehicle. Be assured that you will be spending only on services that you really do need.

Our distinguishing features include:

  • Professional and courteous services
  • On-time, efficient, dependable and durable services
  • Cost effective services and fair dealings
  • Great discounts
  • Factory-trained technicians; your factory warranty stays as it is
  • Incredible 12000 miles/12 month warranty on repairs
  • Committed to customer convenience and satisfaction

Keep your Honda/Acura belts & hoses in fine condition. Call Auburn City Imports at (253) 245-1212 now!

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