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Your axle is the foundation for your vehicle. Without it your wheel differential won’t turn your wheels at the right times. Your axle has CV joints. Your CV joints handle the constant velocity or speed of your turning wheels and axle. Each CV joint is covered with a rubber boot. The rubber boots are packed with grease. This keeps the CV joints moving freely and properly. If the rubberboot tears your CV joints will loose its grease. Over a short period of time the CV joints will go bad. This will lead to a damaged axle assembly.

Auburn City Imports provides thorough axle and CV jointas inspection and replacement. We’ll inspect your axle, CV joints and rubber boots. Your Expert Auto Technician will replace your rubber boots and repack them with grease. Regular Honda and Acura vehicles need their CV joints checked for possible damage. We use Honda manufactured CV joints and rubber boots. Protect your vehicle axle with our axle and CV joint service.

  • Axle and CV Joint Inspections
  • Rubber Boot and Grease Replacement
  • Protects and Improves Axle Performance
  • Keeps your Vehicle from Suddenly Stopping
  • Axle and CV Joint Repairs and Replacement
  • Stops Clicking Noises and Vibrations

Honda Axle & CV Joint Repair • Acura Axle & CV Joint Repair


Since 1980, Auburn City Imports has dedicated itself to providing premium quality, cost efficient repairs and servicing of Honda and Acura cars and SUVs. We specialize in axle and CV joint inspections and repairs. Our factory-trained technicians have unparalleled expertise that has been honed over 20-30 years of experience of working on Honda and Acura vehicles. And they train constantly to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in automotive technology.

Integrity, dedication and quality form our core values. We work hard at upholding them and earning the love, trust and lifelong loyalty of our customers.

Axle & CV Joint Inspection • Axle & CV Joint Services


The axle of a vehicle is a critical part that plays an important role in the turning of the wheels. It has CV joints that ensure that a constant drive force is maintained to the turning wheels. A rubber boot packed with grease covers each CV joint and this keeps the CV joints moving freely and smoothly. If the rubber boot gets torn and removed, the CV joints loose the grease and get exposed to the elements. Within no time, the joints get damaged, leading to a damaged axle assembly.

At Auburn City Imports, we provide axle, CV joint & rubber boot inspection for your Honda and Acura vehicles. Timely grease & rubber boot replacement, and repair or replacement of the axle & CV joints saves your vehicle from costly damages. Trust us for using genuine Honda manufactured CV joints and rubber boots.


Axle & CV Joint Replacement • Rubber Boot Inspection

Our services for axles and CV Joints include:

  • Axle & CV Joints Inspections
  • Rubber Boot Inspection
  • Rubber Boot and Grease Replacement
  • Axle & CV Joint Repair
  • Axle & CV Joint Replacement

Why Choose Auburn City Imports for axle & CV joint services?

The customers at Auburn City Imports are assured of upfront services and the best possible customer service.

The features unique to us include:

  • Independent, family owned & run Honda/Acura repair facility
  • Factory manufactured auto parts used
  • Thorough inspection and honest assessment of repair needs
  • Dealer quality services at reasonable prices
  • Adopt the latest in automotive technology
  • Unmatched ‘Worry-Free’ warranty of 12 moths/12,000 miles on repairs
  • Quick services to minimize customer inconvenience
  • Superior services delivered in customers’ best interests
  • Friendly and reliable technicians

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