Acura Transmission Replacement in Federal Way, WA


Any problems in the transmission of your vehicle will not allow it to move properly. You will not be able to drive smoothly as it is the transmission that allows you to change gears and drive the car. Being a reliable company, we offer high quality Acura transmission repair services in Federal Way.

Auburn City Imports is a family-owned & operated auto repair specialist, serving the community of Federal Way, WA. We have been providing exceptional Acura transmission repair and transmission replacement Acura services since the first year of sales for Acura vehicles.

When you contact us for problems with the transmission replacement Acura vehicle in Federal Way, we will check it for its working, fluid filters and replacement of the system fluid. Some areas of our expertise include:

  • Axle and CV Joint inspection, repair and replacement
  • Comprehensive brake service
  • Radiators and cooling system checks and service
  • Exhaust system service
  • Electrical system service
  • Factory-scheduled routine maintenance check-ups
  • Repair & replacement of clutch parts
  • Starters and alternators service, repair and replacement

As Acura transmission repair and transmission replacement Acura specialists, we will first try to rectify the problem. However, if the problem has snowballed into a major one that is beyond repair, we will go for transmission replacement Acura. However, you can stay relaxed regarding the service required and the costs involved as we will take care of everything regarding the Acura transmission repair in Federal Way.

We believe in building long-term relationships and offer genuine advice and services. Our factory trained Acura technicians are highly skilled and have years of experience in servicing Acura cars and SUVs. We provide dealer-quality service and timely repairs and delivery.

We specialize in Acura transmission repair on all Acura makes and models such as Acura ZDX, Acura TSX, Acura TL, Acura Legend, Acura Integra, and Acura EL, etc. Therefore, with us as the company for Acura transmission repair and maintenance, you can stay assured that you are being served by the best.


Acura transmission replacement is required when the problem is beyond repair. Therefore, you should never ignore minor problems in your vehicles. Getting your vehicle regularly checked and serviced would help in dealing with the problems when they are small. Nevertheless, we provide high quality Acura transmission repair services for Federal Way vehicle owners.

You can contact us for Acura transmission replacement services in Federal Way if you experience any of the following:

  • Slipping or jerking during gear changes
  • Check engine light remains on
  • Discolored and dirty transmission fluid

To keep your Acura car or SUV in top running condition, it is essential that their transmissions be in strong running condition. Acura transmissions are very reliable but also made with high performance engineering. Once any complication shows up, get your Acura transmission looked at immediately. Similar care and attention is required for proper clutch maintenance too. Hard shifting or slipping clutches can cause serious damage to transmission and clutch.

Our Acura transmission replacement technicians in Federal Way handle all the problems of automatic & manual transmissions professionally. We are one of the leading Acura transmission replacement centers serving the entire Federal Way community.

With our value added services for Acura transmission replacement, you can expect hassle free driving experience. Our skilled and trained technicians will conduct all diagnostic tests to ensure that your Acura vehicle is in top condition.


With the plethora of companies offering Acura transmission repair and Acura transmission replacement services in Federal Way, choosing the best one should take some efforts. You need to research and find a company for Acura transmission service that is experienced and affordable. You can choose us for Acura transmission service in Federal Way as we are:

  • Professional towards our work
  • Methodical in approach
  • Recommended
  • Reputed

For several years, we have been fulfilling the vehicle maintenance and transmission repair requirements of Acura vehicle owners.  For us no automotive is too big or complex. Having the latest equipment and diagnostic tools, our technicians are able to diagnose and rectify all transmission problems. Therefore, you can rely on us for any Acura transmission repair and transmission replacement services in Federal Way. We will extend our support and care whenever and wherever required.

Our customer friendly approach, genuine services at economical prices, free analysis of vehicle transmission, highly trained technicians and on time repairs have made us the number one choice when it comes to Acura transmission repair in Federal Way. These are also the reasons why our customers recommend us to others whey they require transmission repair or transmission replacement requirements.

Call Auburn City Imports at 253-939-0437 for Acura transmission repairs and Acura transmission replacement services in Federal Way, WA.