Expert Acura Service for Kent Area Cars and SUVs


Auburn City Imports is an independent, family-owned auto repair shop that was set up in 1980. If you are looking for hassle-free and quality Acura service in the Kent, WA area, you can call us. We provide efficient repairs and services for Acura cars and SUVs.

We have an excellent staff of experienced technicians who take care of everything starting from Acura repairs to Acura maintenance. Our Acura service is reputed to be excellent because we concentrate on customers’ needs. Some key aspects of our Acura service are:

  • Acura service in the Kent area includes routine checking after 15,000-90,000 miles
  • Changing the transmission after every 50,000 miles
  • Changing brake fluid every two years
  • Checking the electrical system during Acura service
  • Checking starters, clutches and alternators during Acura service

You can consider us for quality Acura service in the Kent area, as we provide you customer-centric Acura service.

Timely and proper maintenance of your Acura vehicle will keep it running at peak efficiency for years to come. We love to welcome you to our facility time and again for Acura service on your Kent vehicle so that you have to make minimal visits to us for repairs. Though making Acura repairs is our business, we want our customers to have as few automotive problems as possible!

Our genuine commitment to protecting the best interests of the vehicle owners who come to us for Acura maintenance shows in the thoroughness with which we do these seemingly routine jobs. We have skilled and experienced technicians delivering Acura service for Kent residents to make sure that their vehicles run better, are safer to drive and last longer.


Our Acura service includes high quality Acura repairs for our customers. We know how difficult it is to manage without a vehicle. Thus, we ensure that your vehicle is ready for the road on time. We have factory-trained technicians to perform Acura repairs in the Kent area. Our expert staff uses the latest tools to troubleshoot and fix problems.

Our Acura repairs service in the Kent area involves:

  • Use of genuine Acura parts for Acura repairs
  • Meeting the highest quality standards in the Acura repairs industry
  • Timely delivery of your car after Acura repairs
  • Unaltered factory warranty after Acura repairs

An automobile is a complex combination of numerous components, all of which should be working efficiently in harmony for the machine to drive without any hassle. Even a small problem can hamper the smooth running of the vehicle and delay or inefficiency in its repairs can lead to disastrous consequences.

Therefore, it is important that you should take in your Acura for repair as soon as you observe any signs for malfunction in it. Equally important is that you visit a facility like ours that is reputed for unmatched capabilities for Acura repairs in the Kent area. The technicians at our repair shop know Acura vehicles inside-out and can be trusted to fix any big or small problem in it successfully.

Our experts work quickly, ethically, efficiently and meticulously. We get your car or SUV back on the road within no time, while ensuring that you pay only for the Acura repairs that your Kent vehicle actually needed.


Acura repairs aim at removing the faults in the car, but Acura maintenance is necessary for your vehicle’s longevity. Our Acura service includes both repair and maintenance. We provide regular checkups, fluid changing and servicing as a part our Acura maintenance in the Kent area. Regular Acura maintenance increases the life of the car and reduces the chances of a sudden breakdown.

You can rely on us for complete Acura maintenance services. Our experts also recommend methods for the perfect maintenance of your car. Some reasons why you should choose us for Acura maintenance in the Kent area are:

  • A call is enough to schedule your Acura maintenance
  • Our friendly staff educates you on Acura maintenance
  • Trained employees guarantee their Acura maintenance services
  • We use up-to-date equipment for Acura maintenance

Your Acura is a valuable and much loved asset. We are happy to provide world-class Acura service that helps you get maximum returns and pleasure from your investment. We know that proper Acura maintenance and enduring Acura repairs are key to enhancing the performance as well as life of your vehicle. Superior Acura service also goes a long way in keeping you safe on the road.

When you choose us for Acura repairs and Acura maintenance in the Kent area, you get the flawless service that you need, expect and deserve. We have the experience, resources and, most importantly, sincere intention to perform Acura maintenance and repairs that help you make the best possible use of your vehicle. You can count on us to keep your Acura in good shape throughout its life.

Trust Auburn City Imports for quality Acura service for your Kent area vehicle. Call 253-939-0437 to schedule an appointment for Acura repairs or Acura maintenance services.