Acura Radiator Repair Puyallup


The engine of your Acura would burn up in less than an hour when running if cooling system of the vehicle were not there. About 70% of the energy produced from burning gasoline turns into heat. The function of the radiator and other cooling system components is to control this heat.

If the radiator starts malfunctioning, there is a risk of severe engine damage due to overheating unless you get an Acura radiator repair done immediately. This is where Auburn City Imports comes in. We are the best place to visit for Acura radiator repair in the Puyallup, WA area.

At our independent auto repair facility, we work exclusively on Honda and Acura vehicles. We:

  • Offer dealer-quality Acura radiator repair services
  • Keep the Acura radiator repair cost affordable
  • Back the repairs with 12,000 miles/12-month warranty

All our Acura radiator repair jobs on Puyallup vehicles are done by factory-trained mechanics.

Acura Radiator Flush Puyallup


Proper maintenance is key to avoiding cooling system issues with your Acura. Come to us on a regular basis for an Acura radiator flush. Over time, the coolant or anti-freeze becomes acidic and is no longer effective in cooling down the engine.

Scheduling a time with us for an Acura radiator flush in your Puyallup vehicle ensures replacement of the contaminated coolant with fresh fluid. However, the job does not involve simply a change of coolant. Acura radiator flush also includes a thorough wash of the radiator to remove the buildup of dirt, sediment, and chemical residues.

While the recommended frequency of flushing your radiator is every 40,000-60,000 miles, how often you have to come to us for Acura radiator flush may depend upon:

  • Your driving habits
  • The driving conditions
  • Quality of coolant you use

Puyallup Acura Radiator Replacement


Acura radiator replacement is another cooling system service available at our facility. As with any other automotive component, the radiator of your vehicle deteriorates with time and tends to have its components crack or become broken.

We offer Acura radiator replacement services for Puyallup vehicles with worn-out cooling systems. Lose no time in visiting our facility if you suspect that Acura radiator replacement is due on your vehicle. Our technicians:

  • Inspect the radiator for damage
  • Pressure test the cooling system
  • Carry out Acura radiator replacement
  • Fill up coolant and recheck for leaks

We handle Acura radiator replacement jobs for all Acura models.

Time for an Acura radiator flush in your Puyallup vehicle? Need Acura MDX radiator replacement services? Call Auburn City Imports at (253) 939-0437.