Acura Radiator Repair Black Diamond


Your Acura is your pride and joy and a valuable asset. You cannot go to just any neighborhood mechanic when the vehicle needs repairs. It deserves the special attention it will get only at a specialized Acura repair shop. Auburn City Imports is your Black Diamond, WA recognized Acura repair shop.

Founded in 1980, our independent facility specializes in working on all old and new Acura vehicles. Our capabilities include Acura radiator repair services. We can resolve any big or small cooling system problem.

Our comprehensive Acura radiator repair services for Black Diamond vehicles include fixing:

  • Radiator tank or hose leaks
  • Broken water pump
  • Defective fan
  • Failed thermostat

No matter what cooling system trouble your vehicle is having when it comes into our facility, our Acura radiator repair experts make sure that it drives out with the system in perfectly fine shape.

Acura Radiator Flush Black Diamond


The best way to minimize your Acura radiator repair hassles is through proper maintenance of the cooling system. Get an Acura radiator flush done on your Black Diamond vehicle by our skilled mechanics annually or as advised in the owner’s manual.

A fairly inexpensive routine automotive maintenance service, Acura radiator flush involves draining the old dirty coolant and running water through the system to wash it thoroughly before pouring in new anti-freeze.

The purpose of Acura radiator flush is to:

  • Remove all rust debris and sediment buildup
  • Prevent the new fluid from mixing with the old one
  • Lubricate and improve the efficiency of the cooling system

Our technicians understand how important this seemingly small job of flushing your radiator is for extending the cooling system’s life. They perform a meticulous Acura radiator flush on your Black Diamond vehicle to provide that extra life you want your Acura to have.

Black Diamond Acura Radiator Replacement


Acura vehicles are beautiful examples of automotive engineering and have components that are built to last. These include its radiator. Still, there does come a time when Acura radiator replacement becomes necessary.

Head straight to us whenever you need Acura radiator replacement services. Your Black Diamond vehicle deserves the best possible attention and it gets exactly that from our Acura radiator replacement experts.

Whether you come to us for an Acura MDX radiator removal or Acura TL radiator replacement, we:

  • Serve you with factory-trained mechanics
  • Use OEM product for Acura radiator replacement
  • Charge a competitive price

Whether you need routine Acura radiator flush services or want specialized Acura radiator repair work done on your Black Diamond vehicle, visit Auburn City Imports. Call (253) 939-0437.