Expert Acura Service for Federal Way Area Cars and SUVs


If you are looking for quality Acura service in the Federal Way, WA area, you need to call the experts at Auburn City Imports. We have been providing Acura service in the Federal Way area since 1980. Our Acura service is available for Acura cars and SUVs.

At our facility, we provide complete Acura repairs and Acura maintenance. You can rely on us, as we have experienced technicians who perform repairs on your vehicles according to industry specifications to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly.

Our Acura service center is popular due to various reasons. We provide:

  • Dealer-quality Acura service
  • End of warranty Acura service and checkups
  • On-time Acura service
  • Friendly Acura service

With us here to help, you can forget all your worries about getting good Acura service in the Federal Way area.

If you want to maximize the efficiency and longevity of your Acura, you should never get under the hood yourself and tinker with it. Maintenance or repair of the vehicle is simply not a DIY job. It is best left to professionals who possess extensive automotive knowledge, can recognize anything that goes wrong it and fix it effectively.

Our Acura service center is the place Federal Way residents should visit every time they need their vehicle looked into. The best thing about coming to us is that our technicians are not only proven pros and masters in their field, but also highly sincere and dedicated professionals. You can leave your Acura with us and feel relaxed that your investment is in the most capable and reliable hands.


As a part of our Acura services, we provide high quality Acura repairs to our customers. We understand how much you need your car, so we make sure that the repairs are done as quickly as possible. Acura repairs are carried out by trained technicians who work on your vehicle with the aim to make the vehicles run properly.

We have factory-trained professionals for Acura repairs in the Federal Way area to find out what is wrong with your vehicle and to fix the problem according to industry specifications. Here are a few highlights of our services for Acura repairs in the Federal Way area:

  • Easy scheduling of Acura repairs
  • Computer diagnosis of problems
  • Timely delivery after Acura repairs
  • Factory warranty is unaffected after our Acura repairs

We have invested in the best of men and materials so that our facility offers the finest in Acura maintenance as well as Acura repairs to our Federal Way customers. At our Acura service center, all the incoming vehicles are handled by factory-trained technicians who have spent almost their entire careers on Acura cars. They are intimately familiar with the engineering of Acuras of all old and new models.

The exceptional skills of our technicians are amply supported by the cutting-edge equipment maintained by our facility. We have the most high-tech automotive diagnostic technologies and the latest in automotive repair tools. Moreover, we perform Acura repairs on Federal Way vehicles with genuine, OEM replacement parts. When you get your broken or malfunctioning Acura fixed us, you can be sure that it will soon back on the road running as smooth and reliably as before.


Acura repairs need to be done when there is a problem, and regular Acura maintenance gives your vehicle a long life. Our Acura maintenance in the Federal Way area includes regular checkups, fluid changing and servicing of parts. With our Acura service for in the Federal Way area, we offer affordable Acura repairs and Acura maintenance.

Our Acura maintenance in the Federal Way area can keep your vehicle performing well. We have experts who recommend your needs for perfect Acura maintenance. You should choose us for Acura maintenance and repairs, as we:

  • Have factory trained technicians for Acura maintenance and repairs
  • Educate you about Acura maintenance
  • Ensure friendly interaction with our customers
  • Offer easy scheduling of Acura maintenance

Your Acura deserves nothing less than the best possible attention when it is time to service it or fix a problem that it has developed. That is why our facility is the right place to visit for Acura maintenance and repairs in the Federal Way area. Bringing your Acura to us is as good as taking to a dealer! Rather, choosing to come to us offers you the additional advantage of saving a considerable amount of money without sacrificing even a little bit on the quality of workmanship or customer service.

We look at establishing lasting relationships with all those whom we serve. Our work, attitude and pricing is such that all our first-time customers become lifelong patrons and visit only us for Acura maintenance and repairs as long as they keep the vehicle.

Trust Auburn City Imports for outstanding Acura service in the Federal Way area. Call us today for Acura repairs and Acura maintenance at (253) 939-0437.